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●Microblading is a form of cosmetic tattooing in which, the pigment is deposited in the skin, in the form of individual hair strokes which are designed to resemble natural hair. 

●Microblading pigment is deposited by the use of a manual hand tool, set with an array of fine, sharp needles that imitate a small blade. The advantage of the array of individual needles, versus a blade, is more flexibility and maneuverability, which are crucial for the application of meticulous hair stroke patterns.



The best candidates for microblading are in good health, under the age of 70, and have normal to dry skin. 


Oily skin may require more frequent touch-ups and yield less crisp, defined strokes.

Microblading is not ideal for those who:

●Are unable to stay out of the sun and refrain from excessive sweating during the healing process.
●Are anemic. 

●Have very oily skin.

●Are a frequent cigarette smoker. 

Microblading is contraindicated for those who:

● Are under the age of 18. No exceptions.

● Are Pregnant or breastfeeding.

● If you are undergoing chemotherapy

● If you have any skin diseases, symptoms, or irritation that appears on the eyebrow area such as sunburn, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, scabies, ringworm, acne, allergic reaction, boils, wounds, severe scaling keratosis, and damaged capillaries.
● Are sick with a cold. flu, fever, etc. 

Does cosmetic tattooing hurt?

Numbing cream is applied 20-30 minutes before microblading, and is applied as needed throughout the service to minimize discomfort. 
Most of my clients report that with the use of numbing cream, the most they feel is a scratch-like sensation. 

What method of payments do you accept?

I accept online deposits made by credit card.

The remaining balance, due at your appointment, should be CASH. 

On a rare ocassion, I will accept Venmo, but Cash is the preferred method of payment, per Studio Aurum's payment policy.

What can I expect during an appointment?

When you arrive for your appointment, you'll immediately feel relaxed when you notice the attention to detail in the design, decor, and the luxurious, spa-like atmosphere of Studio Aurum.

Every effort is made to provide you with an uplifting and personalized experience suited to your unique style, facial structure and skin/haircolor profile.


●Your appointment will begin by filling out paperwork, then I will do an assesment of your skin and brows, and ask you what your goals are for the appointment.

●I will take a set of photos of your brows for reference, and possibly to showcase on my website or on Instagram. *

●Next, I will either apply numbing cream before mapping, or begin mapping your brow shape, and apply numbing cream after I have created the outline.

●I will double check with you to make sure you are happy with the shape and approve the color. 

●I will then proceed to create the first pass of hair strokes which acts as somewhat of a skeleton of the brow. Next, I will apply a masque of pigment over the brow to allow it to saturate the fresh strokes with color. Finally, I will remove the pigment and reapply numbing gel. 

●This process repeats on each brow, alternating, until the brow is complete.
To complete the appointment, 

*Please let me know if you would prefer not to have your face appear in the photos. 

How long does microblading last?

Due to the nature of skin cells and the regeneration turnover due to exfoliation, and the depth in which pigment is deposited, microblading tends to fade with time, and may require touch-ups. 

A color refresher appointment is recommended every 12-18 months.

How do I take care of my brows while they heal?

After trying different healing methods over the last 3 years, I have found that "wet healing" is the best process of healing any type of tattoo, microblading, included.

Follow the link below, to learn about the healing process.
All About Healing Your New Brows


How should I prepare for my appointment?

● Skip retinols/ Retin-A for at least a week before your appointment (and a month following your appointment).

● Avoid Botox or Dysport for 2 weeks before (and 2 weeks following your appointment).
● Avoid taking any substances that can thin the blood for 24-48 hours prior to and following your microblading appointment, provided it is medically safe to do so. 

                   Examples include: Alcohol, Caffeine, (COFFEE+ TEA!!) aspirin,

                                                   Ibuprofen, Omega-3 oil, Vitamin E, Dong Quai,

                                                   Bromelain, etc.

         Choosing to consume these products before your microblading session 

          can potentially cause excessive bleeding which can make microblading                        impossible and pigment retention spotty, or heal with the incorrect color.

●Avoid excessive sun exposure and sunburn. 

●Avoid waxing your brows for 48 hours prior to your appointment.



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